CNC Boring, Gluing, Dowel Feeding Machine


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  • Realized High Speed Auto Operation.

  • Possible to set 2 sizes dowel such as [ v6 & v8 ] or [ v8 & v10 ].

  • High viscosity glue is possible.

  • Can control glue-inserted volume every 0.01 second.

  • Mounted Easy-programming Original Software.

  • 1500mm working stroke.

  • Change production of works size under 700mm is possible.

  • Can work on bar type or small type work piecs.


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Visual Data INPUT System Easy Operation, with only touching the display


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Type Working length Working height System of head Clamps NC control axis
NCBD-5 1500mm 70mm 2 Boring axes
1 Glue unit
2 Dowel feeding axes
6 2 axes

Size of machine (L)2850mm x (W)1470mm x (H)2100mm / Weight 1600kg


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